Lena Engos

Hi, I am Lena. I am currently studying Multimedia Design and Communication at the International Business Academy in Kolding, Denmark. I have always been a creative person, who loves to draw and make things with my hands. My strong side is not photoshop, but I like to code website. Design thinking and design placement is what I love. To make sure there is harmony with what I am doing. Feel free to take a closer look at my portfolio and get to know me better from what I have created.


My first project was for an organic clothing company, who’s target group was young modern people. they were looking for ideas to promote themselves and to create a functioning website. Because it was an organic clothing company, my first thought was nature and how i wanted to bring that in to the design of the website. I chose to have an image as a background for all the pages of the nature with trees and water. And by using more a bisque color instead of white there is more of a balance between the colors.


The second project was for a teashop in Aabenraa, Denmark. Their target group was young people that drank some tea, to the ones who didn't. Carstensens tehandel already had a website, but needed help to optimize it with a new design. They also wanted help with social media strategy and SEO strategy. Carstensens tehandel design on their website was a bit outdated for the target group they were trying to reach. So, we decided to make it a bit more modern, with some more colors. We kept the same logo as Carstensens wanted. The website is still user friendly, but more compelling to the younger audience.