I am a Multimedia Design and Communication student at International Business Academy Kolding, Denmark. I am learning about what digital industry means, from Business and Communication to Interaction and Visualization, such as creating websites and many other interactive applications. Multimedia design is the art of integrating multiple forms of media, which includes Graphic Design, Web Design, and Motion Graphics (which is Animation and Video Production). I have both creative and technical skills to integrate two or more content forms, which is a necessity in multimedia design industry. You can find more about my work by scrolling down my portfolio page.


The overall goal of the project was to develop a mobile web-solution for sales and branding of ”Grey Wolf”. Grey Wolf was a start-up company, which designs organic clothing targeted modern younger people. They needed to have prepared a proposal for how to run their business as an e-shop. That is, they needed input on how such a shop should be designed visually and technically, and proposals for the overall communication plan.
Success criteria of Grey Wolf project:
• A clear and thought-through communication strategy and plan;
• A functioning and mobile-optimised website;
• Consistent and innovative visual design that relates to the selected target group and brand personality;
• Planning of the development process by using a development method.


This project was a part of a bigger project in Aabenraa Kommune (the Municipality of Aabenraa). The project was managed by the organisation Business Aabenraa. During the project we worked with Carstensens Tehandel - a tea shop in Aabenraa - which also has a webshop. The owner wanted input to improve the design of his website. He thought the existing website did not communicate the feeling of being in the shop with all its scents and taste. He also wanted good advice for use of social media and SEO. The goal of our part of the project was to: 1) Find solutions to the challenges of Carstensens Tehandel by proposing:
- a new design of the website;
- a strategy for use of social media;
- a strategy for use of SEO.